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The Integration Journey Hypnotherapy

With Marjorie Sobychenko, C.Ht.

 You are Unlimited

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” 
― C.G. Jung


Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy 

Psych- K  Cognitive Behavior super learning method 

Habit Replacement - Transform Your Belief System 

Online Appoinments Works 





Marjorie Sobychenko is a Certified Hypnotherapist, her mission is to help you to discover again and use your power within, we are all an eternal work in process, yet we all are perfect beings, with the therapeutic and spiritual approach she uses she will help you to relieve anxiety, fears, phobias, she will use inner child therapy to help you to identify what triggers your anxiety, helps you to calm down into a meditative state so then you will be able to expand your consciousness to see with different perspectives the shadows that you can carry as a heavy burden without even knowing it, you will become self aware and with this, consciously chose what you want for your life , take the control of your life, let go of limiting belief systems that were programmed since early childhood, while removing layers and layers of old programmings, guilt trips, shame and blame and relation strategies that aren't giving you the best results , we will find the real you, a wonderful spirit having a human experience !


Relieve anxiety 

Find inner peace


Breathe and live in the now

Mindful meditation techniques 


Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome 



Fear and Phobias

Nail biting

 Weight loss

 Quit Smoking

Sleep problems

 Dream Therapy and Interpretations 

Separation Anxiety 



Abandonment traumas

Help you to remove negative energies



Thumb Sucking 


Gambling Addiction

Obsessive Compulsive Behavior 

Driving fear, Phobia and Anxiety 

Hypnosis Has Been Proven To Improve 



Mental Clarity



Sales Skills


Weight Loss


Study Habits

Organization Skills


Past Life Regressions 

Energy Healing

Meditation for manifestation, law of attraction in the quantum field

Female Hypnotherapy Patient

What is hypnosis ?

A perfectly natural state that we all go through each night as we go to sleep and each morning as we awaken. It is that wonderful relaxed state of receptivity. The physical body is relaxed and the mind is calm and aware and able to learn very deeply as access to the subconscious is more readily available during these times when the critical filter is in abeyance. You are never unaware or unconscious.  You simply have a greater capacity to harness & utilize the tremendous power of the subconcious mind to your advantage.


The emotional states varies from each individual, It is different for everyone and as unique as you are!  most people feel relaxed and really enjoy the feeling of meditative state and a calm, sensation. Some people experience feeling renewed and energized with increased motivation...While others say they sleep incredibly well the night after a session, also depending on the subject that people want to treat, we can observe emotional responses while releasing traumas, while doing the past life journey, inner child, is a big release of energy, is like an emotional and spiritual detox, is energy healing 

How do hypnosis feels like ?

 By Improving the relationship with yourself first, you will also improve your relationship with others, and I am talking about  all sorts of relationships, family, life partner, your community, friends, your surrounding life forms, the planet itself !
Using techniques for healing traumas is rebuilding and reinforcing your self-esteem, is removing the limits to your self love and turning it, in an unconditional love, you will build and attract healthiest relationships, deep connections, because connection is a human necessity that is so basic as food, we all need to feel safe and loved.

Spirituality goes hand by hand with science, everything is connected and intertwine, explore higher dimensional though fields,Chakras, meditation, past live regression, quantum meditations.


Chakra anatomy by Ashaya Deane

“Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment 
― Nikola Tesla
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