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118 Salem Towne Court , Apex, NC 

            Phone : 919.523.5414


Marjorie Sobychenko C.Ht 

                          Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 


Graduated from HMI College in Los Angeles CA

Psych K Facilitator rapid subconscious re programming 

Mind and body Psychology at HMI 

What an honor it's to connect with you, life is a beautiful journey, just to feel your own existence it's amazing, however, in our experiences we can encounter many situations that made us create a wrong toxic concept of ourselves, we may feel trapped in ways of thinking that were turned into habits that are not leading us where we consciously want to go, we have times in our lives that we feel we are our own enemies, we may feel pain, numb, disconnected, misunderstood and not loved and therefor feeling a loneliness that hurts.

I offer non conventional approach to help in the healing process, I believe that science stop being science when we turn it into dogmas and I do not believe in labelling human trauma and uniqueness as illnesses and disorders, but individual and unique responses to trauma and the lack of knowledge of who we really are from the angles of quantum, energy, frequencies, spiritual and multidimensional views and perception and as a whole, as consciousness, this traumas and negative associations must be understood and shouldn't cause a diagnose label that put a person into a victim mode or making people feel that there is something wrong with them, instead of realizing that there is something wrong that happened to them and they can't function in life in a positive way, because of this , this labels creates more self rejection, from trauma in our subconscious mind we can develop addictions and toxic patterns, we can basically stop loving ourselves, therefor we can create dis-ease in our physical body too, all is connected, we can develop phobias, self harm and in cases this can become extreme accumulations of negative emotions that can take us to totally switch off of realities, in many cases, a person who is more sensitive and aware to other state of consciousness, have different cognitive abilities and developed psychic skills, which aren't scientifically validated and therefor fall into a mental illness diagnose, I invite you, if you want to share your views and experiences that can fall into a fantastic category, such as lucid dreaming, paranormal sights, I also invite you to try past life regression if you want to dive into it, my practice is about non judgement, thinking out of the box and integrity.

I stand for breaking free of the collective unconscious and paradigms with bravery and unconditional self love, building and living harmonious relationships and being able to be yourself, stand for yourself practicing a healthy self responsibility living the best possible human experience and the best case scenario.

I am Marjorie Sobychenko, a cosmic traveler in the forever process of expanding my consciousness, I have experience traumas and deep shifts, my passion is to help people to feel happier and more connected with themselves, my mission is to help.


Fearless on your breath 

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