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Clinical Hypnosis in Manhattan, NYC

            Phone : 919.523.5414


Marjorie Sobychenko C.Ht 

                          Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 


Graduated from HMI College in Los Angeles CA

Psych K Facilitator rapid subconscious re programming 

Mind and body Psychology at HMI 

Life is a beautiful journey in multiple dimensions, just to feel your own existence it's amazing, however, in our experiences we can encounter many situations that made us create a wrong toxic concept of ourselves, we may feel trapped in ways of thinking that were turned into habits that are not leading us where we consciously want to go, we have times in our lives that we feel we are our own enemies, we may feel pain, numb, disconnected, misunderstood and not loved and therefor feeling a loneliness that hurts.


My practice is about non judgement, thinking out of the box and integrity.

I stand for breaking free of the collective unconscious and paradigms with bravery and unconditional self love, building and living harmonious relationships and being able to be yourself, stand for yourself practicing a healthy self responsibility living the best possible human experience and the best case scenario.

I am Marjorie Sobychenko, a cosmic traveler in the forever process of expanding my consciousness, I have experience traumas and deep shifts, my passion is to help people to feel happier and more connected with themselves, my mission is to help.


I am here to help you to use your breathing, focus and awareness to see your traumas, transmute them and see how your anxiety and panic attacks along with toxic coping mechanism will fly away from your body and merge in the air, you will relax your body, you will feel peace, calm and clarity, you will be calm in the face of chaos, you will learn how your inner peace will alter your perception and you will see better scenarios, you will be confident, empowered and you will feel safe and free, Hypnosis is a tool to help you to know your mind and how it works, your life, your job, your relationships, everything has a straight relationship between you and you, between your heart and mind coherence and self love, is time to have the power to be responsible, because responsibility gives your power and control over your needs and wants.


Fearless on your breath 

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