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 NYC Hypnotherapy Sessions 

Please send me an email for the booking at :

you can also contact me by phone + 1 (919) 523- 5414

The session of Hypnotherapy can last up to 90 min , after an interview of what you want to achieve, we do inductions and a variety of techniques, such as inner child trauma release, you will experience a profound amount of emotional healing and you will notice how your energy levels increase in each session, you will take the control of your life back at the subconscious level, take your power back and prove how amazing Hypnotherapy can be as a tool for improving your life more and more.


Hypnotherapy Session Price : $ 170  / 90 min

Online Hypnotherapy : $150


Past Live Regression Hypnosis  : $195 / 2 hours


Spiritual and Emotional Coaching $130 / 1 hour

Psych K Rapid Subconscious shift ( change a belief system at subconscious level even in 20 minutes, brain hemispheres synchronisation no trance induction needed super learning technique faster than Hypnosis 3 balances $150 /1 hour

To reserve your session, a deposit of $50 is required to book via venmo, PayPal or cash app , the deposit will be added to the session price

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Psych- K Rapid Subconscious Reprogramation 

What is PSYCH-K®?

  • a non-invasive, interactive process of change with a proven record of success for over 30 years!

  • a simple, yet powerful process to change subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging

  • a unique blend of various tools for change, some contemporary and some ancient, derived from contemporary neuroscience research, as well as ancient mind/body wisdom

  • a groundbreaking approach to facilitating change at the subconscious level where at least 95% of our consciousness operates.

  • a process that transcends the standard methods of visualisation, affirmations, will power, and positive thinking especially effective in the areas of behavioural/habit change

  • Who can benefit from PSYCH-K®?

The fact is that PSYCH-K® can function differently for different people.  It is truly a multi-functional, multi-disciplinary process to aid individuals in achieving their goals in life.

In the hands of an individual it can serve to help transform limiting subconscious beliefs that often block the expression of one’s full potential in life.

In the hands of a professional mental health practitioner, it becomes an effective adjunct to traditional insight-based talk therapies.

For people who have physical health challenges, it is a way to compliment standard medical treatment by helping to activate the body’s natural self-healing properties.

In the hands of a spiritual seeker, it is a tool to reduce stress by eliciting a Whole-Brain State. This is a special state of consciousness that activates both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously and thus helps to “clear the signal” to your inner spiritual guidance, thereby creating a gateway to higher consciousness.  In other words, PSYCH-K® can dramatically assist you in accelerating your own spiritual evolution!

The application of the PSYCH-K® principles, philosophy, and methodology, is applicable to achieving a wide variety of goals, depending on one’s personal desires and/or professional skill-sets.

Overall, PSYCH-K® helps individuals to consciously and subconsciously re-perceive themselves, their circumstances, and their personal potential, in order to lead a happier and more satisfying life.

 Session 3 Balances $ 150

Clinical Hypnosis in NYC , Manhattan 

Energy Healing in NYC

The Integration Journey Hypnotherapy 

Phone : 919.523.5414

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